Orchards and fruit trees

Apples, pears, cherries, grapes, cherries, sour cherries, apricots, plums, bananas, tangerines and oranges, hazelnuts, olives, walnuts, raspberries, figs, berries, and similar products

Aslan Humic product can be used in any period from the time of cultivation, but it is recommended to be consumed at the following recommended times:

When planting seedlings:

.In a container, mix 1 liter of Aslan Humic with 5 liters of water and then immerse the roots of the seedlings in the above solution and start planting.

Types of trees:

.Young trees up to 5 years: 1 liter for 25 trees

.5-15 years:1 liter foe 15 trees

.15 years and more:1 liter for 10 trees

consumption time:

.Along with the first irrigation

.Early fruit formation

.30 to 45 days before harvest


Irrigate the land no later than 48 hours after fertilization.


. The goal is to deliver the recommended amount of humic substances to the plant roots.

Reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and animal waste by at least 30% by using Aslan Humic.


Traditional irrigation (flooding)
In this type of irrigation, the required amount of humic acid is poured into the barrel and dissolved and fertilized as a mixture in the incoming water of the field. In this type of irrigation, it is better to fertilize the last 45 minutes of irrigation so that the fertilizer with water does not penetrate deeper than the roots of the crop.
Sprinkler irrigation
In this type of irrigation system, the required amount of humic origin should be dissolved and irrigated in the relevant pond in the form of 40 cc per tree at least 1000 times water. In order to make the best use of humic acid and prevent its deposition in the leaves and stems of the plant, only empty water should be consumed in the last half hour.